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Friday, 30 September 2016

29 September

today was the feast of one of the pilgrims, Michael, a nice Australian bloke (or cobber?!) and also the day we went to Santa Chiara. Big day for me. We began wit Mass at the tomb, which they only allow on two days a week, always a lovely Mass though I have big reservations about the tomb! After that we had a historical visit and they let us into the railed off transept to see the dossal and also to have prayer ritual in the San Damiano chapel. We think these favours are helped sllong by the fact that each year e carry all the coins collected in various boxes arnd the basilica, and change them into euros which the Italian banks will collect. This year i had nearly €400 worth of sterling. Luckily i am not the only english person here, there is also Sandra from Ladywell and she is taking some. It is not so much the money as the weight..i rustled up the money because John had paid me in euros already. When we collected the box it weighed a ton and Andre struggled along with his bad back. I offed to take a turn but he said it weighed more than I do. If only! Finally we put it in a knapsack and carried a handle each. They should have a nice little consignment when usa and australian dollars are all collected - or whateveer they have in Australia. Michael, our Aussie component checked ghe exchange rate for me and I was dismayed to find a pound is almost down to a euro, £10 is €11.5 all because of Brexit they hasten to tell me on many occasions. Clearly the rest f the world thinks we went mad and hope it is temporary. Sorry about the italics but if I stop for refinements, you wont get this. I had some problems bcasue I had forgotten the password and tried several last night in vain. Finally i went to bed and just now tried agan using, I would have sworn, all the same passwords but it seems to have worked. Now i am afrid to come out.
We are off to San Damiano for Clare in about five minutes and I must go and powder my  nose. More anon with love to one and all.

I heard last night that Andrea Williams had just died, she was a longstanding friend and so lovely. Please pray fr her and her children and grandchildren and all her friends.

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